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Sometimes reproductive matters can have you thinking OMFG! Luckily, a little extra knowledge can ease your concerns, help you manage your condition better and optimise your chances of having a baby.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and your pregnancy

We understand that our patients may be feeling anxious and worried at this time – and confused about the implications

Chris’ Christmas gift guide for all the women in your life

Without doubt, Christmas is my favourite time of year. To make things even more special, this year will be my

When breastfeeding hurts

This post was contributed by Dr Candice O’Sullivan. Previously a medical practitioner, Candice now owns a healthcare communications agency, helping

Managing labour pain – what are your options?

Labour can be painful, but there are many options available that can help you manage the pain. It’s good to

Recognising the signs of postnatal depression and anxiety

This post was contributed by Diabetes Educator and Registered Nurse/midwife, Jenny van Gemert MNurs GDipMid GDipEd (Facebook and Insta). What

Expressing breast milk prior to giving birth

This post was contributed by Diabetes Educator and Registered Nurse/midwife, Jenny van Gemert MNurs GDipMid GDipEd (Facebook and Insta). When

Travel, sex, saunas, hair dye: what’s safe during pregnancy?

Keeping a growing baby safe and healthy throughout pregnancy is every expecting mother’s highest priority. But what does this mean

Gestational diabetes

Cases of gestational diabetes (also known as pregnancy diabetes or diabetes in pregnancy) are on the rise, putting pregnant women

What is a high-risk pregnancy?

Your pregnancy may be considered high risk for a range of different reasons – sometimes it’s for multiple reasons.

Managing IVF pregnancies

IVF pregnancies are special – much time, love and care has been invested in getting this far.

Nausea and vomiting

Though common during pregnancy, in rare cases this can lead to serious complications such as dehydration.

Bleeding or pain during pregnancy

The most likely outcome is a normal viable pregnancy, but bleeding and pain should always be investigated.

Pregnant with pain: coping with pelvic instability (‘pelvic girdle pain’)

Around 20–50% of women will experience some degree of pain while pregnant due to pelvic instability.

Do I still need to worry about the Zika virus?

Everything you need to know about why the Zika virus poses a risk during pregnancy, and what you can do

Should I get the flu shot while pregnant?

Find out which vaccines you should receive and which you should avoid during pregnancy.

Understanding miscarriage

Miscarriage is common, but most women who miscarry will have a healthy pregnancy in the future.


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