Introducing Newlife IVF

Hi everyone. I’m incredibly pleased to announce that from September 2019, I will be offering fertility and IVF services through Newlife IVF, a new specialist fertility centre opening soon in Box Hill, Melbourne. I am launching Newlife IVF in partnership with five other like-minded fertility specialists. We have chosen to set up our own IVF clinic to better reflect our preferred model of care. By owning our own clinic, we can freely invest in the infrastructure, systems and processes we believe are required to truly support best scientific practice and evidence-based care. We can also offer care that is reasonably priced, in line with our belief that IVF should be accessible and affordable to all.

Newlife IVF will offer a complete range of fertility services, from fertility testing through to IVF. We will deliver these services from our brand-new, purpose-built centre in Box Hill where patients will be able to undergo all their investigations and treatment in the one place. Our co-located services include a fully accredited, state-of-the-art laboratory, day surgery (operated by Epworth Eastern), specialist nursing and counselling services, medication dispensing, ultrasound, pathology, and a WHO Level 5 semen analysis facility – the highest grade of semen analysis currently available in Victoria.

Along with the collective experience and expertise of our specialist team, patients will have access to the very latest scientific techniques and advances in fertility care. This includes the use of the EmbryoScope time-lapse system, sequential media and EmbryoGlue as standard practice to aid the development, selection and transfer of embryos during IVF. We will also routinely use egg spindle observation for all ICSI procedures to ensure eggs are in an optimal condition for fertilisation.

Our new website has just launched, so I’d love you to visit and check it out at You can also follow us on Insta and Facebook for all the latest news and updates, including announcements regarding our upcoming patient information sessions.

A note for my current patients

If you are currently a patient of mine, you should have already received an email from me, letting you know what you need to do next. In summary, if you already have an upcoming appointment booked with me, there is no need to do anything else. However, if you are about to commence a treatment cycle or are expecting your period soon and wanting to commence treatment, please contact my rooms as soon as possible on (03) 9418 8299 so we can decide how best to transition your care. While fertility treatments will take place at Box Hill, I will continue to consult at all my usual locations. If you have any immediate questions, you may find the answer you are looking for here.

Please be reassured that my practice is working very closely with the team at Newlife IVF to ensure continuity of care and a smooth transition for all patients during this time. Should you have any concerns or questions regarding your ongoing care, please do not hesitate to contact my rooms on (03) 9418 8299. I look forward to seeing you again soon and to continuing your fertility journey, alongside the team at Newlife IVF.




The information on this page is general in nature. All medical and surgical procedures have potential benefits and risks. Consult a healthcare professional for medical advice specific to you.


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